Dimensions of the Prezent greenhouse

Width - 3m.

Height - 2.1 m.

Length - 2m, 4 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m. ...

Prices from $249

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Greenhouse kit pricing

2 m. - $249

4 m. - $329

6 m. - $409

8 m. - $489
Polycarbonate cost is not included in pricing

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The Prezent garden greenhouse is a new model with a retractable rounded polycarbonate roof. It has several important advantages over other models of greenhouses, but at the same time there are also some disadvantages, for example you can not install automatic air vents. There are thee enemies of this greenhouse: 1. Dirt gets into the runners on which polycarbonate slides on the roof, which makes it difficult to move. This trouble is easy to handle with - clean the runners and the roof will again be easily opened and closed. 2. Marshy ground, a high water level and winter freezing of the ground lead to a skewed frame and runners of the sliding roof, so we recommend that the owners of damp areas install the Prezent greenhouse on a reinforced concrete foundation. And if it is twisted, then you will have to dig the ground and align the frame. 3. Forgetful owners. If you forget to fully open the roof in autumn, the greenhouse will be crushed in winter, it is not designed for heavy loads. The benefits of the Prezent greenhouse are due to the sliding roof: 1. In winter, it will never be crushed by snow if you do not forget to open the roof. 2. Snow inside protects the soil from freezing and melt water contributes to early development of plants. 3. In summer, it is not afraid of heat. No other design can boast such effectiveness of ventilation. 4. Easy to assemble. With some experience, you can assemble this greenhouse yourself. It has twice less parts than in conventional greenhouses. 5. Durability. The square tube 33 mm wide for the frame was developed from steel galvanized on both sides by the Volya company specifically for this model. This double-sided zinc coating protects against external and, most importantly, internal corrosion, the main problem of colored greenhouses. 6. Outstanding illumination favorable for plants is achieved not only thanks to the sliding roof, but also thanks to the wide two-meter spans between thin arches of the frame.
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